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General Information

The Solidago School of Massage and Holistic Health offers:

Basic Certification:675-hour Training in Massage and Bodywork

Continuing Education:Massage students and professionals can add new skills to their basic training with a variety of spa therapy and rehabilitative Continuing Education classes at Solidago.

Student Massage Clinic: Solidago Students Fulfill their Practicum Requirements at the Amesbury Center for Healing; the General Public can Receive Massage for $30/session

The Solidago Philosophy

"Solidago" means "rediscovering wholeness."

We seek to assist our students, clients, and instructors in achieving their goals for inner growth, community, and a balanced life. We firmly believe that being a successful massage therapist involves more than mastering a set of bodywork and massage techniques. Self-care, life-balance, and interpersonal skills are an integral part of building an emotionally satisfying and financially profitable practice.

We believe that massage education should provide a strong base of scientific knowledge while enhancing intuitive touch skills. Because we understand that not all students learn in the same way, we provide a variety of learning tools including lectures, videos, readings, drawing, and Maniken® clay models.

The Solidago basic training program begins with exploring the simple act of touch. Rather than learning a routine of strokes, we use safe touch to 'play' with the soft-tissue of the body as we teach the skills of a full-body massage. Only then do we begin to focus on more detailed work for each area of the body based on its anatomy and physiology. With this base of skills, the student is ready to begin their practicum and expand their skills by learning the techniques for sports massage, deep tissue and Myofascial work, and joint mobilization that they will integrate into their massage.     Back to top

The Solidago Goal

Our goal is to provide high-quality, convenient, and thorough training programs in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We include the words 'Holistic Health' in the name of our school because we are committed to facilitating balance in life for each student, administrator, and instructor. Creating such balance is a different process for every individual and it is generally an on-going learning experience. Knowing that many students have commitments to their family, jobs, and friends, we have created a series of different schedules that can make going back to school less stressful and easier to fit into your life.      Back to top

The Solidago Experience

We know that there are many schools in the area where you can receive excellent training in massage and bodywork--and we also know that there is a school out there that is just right for each student. The Solidago School for Massage and Holistic Health has been created for those students seeking a very thorough, evenly paced education without the "big school" atmosphere.

We believe that there is a higher satisfaction in life when we do the work that we love. We view the field of massage more as a vocation than a job. Yet we also know that loving the work alone does not ensure success as a holistic health practitioner. Since many students desire to make a full-time living with massage, we have developed exceptional classes in business, marketing, and communication where we teach real-life work and business skills. Throughout the training, students will be required to visit many different types of establishments where massage is offered. By observing these business settings, hearing about the experiences of various practitioners, and glimpsing into the careers paths available in massage, each student will gain first-hand knowledge of what to expect in their occupation. Through these types of assignments, we can assist each student in finding their "right work" within the large field of massage, bodywork, and holistic healing.     Back to top

Careers in Massage

A career in massage can range from being a profitable hobby to becoming a part-time or full-time career. Massage therapists work in private practice, group practice, day spas, salons, chiropractic offices, nursing homes, hospice, and hospitals. Increasingly, massage therapists can also be found working with professional sports teams, traveling dance companies, cruise ships, and movie productions.

Massage therapists tend to be caring people who feel it is important to make a difference in the lives of others. They are looking for a profession which can satisfy their financial needs, their desire for one-on-one contact with people, and their goal to come home from work knowing that they have spent their day doing something of importance for the world.

People of all ages train to become professional massage therapists. Some students come right out of high school or college; others are preparing for a dramatic career change from the fast-paced business world. Many students are seeking to enhance a health care career such as nursing or physical therapy. Other students are preparing for part-time careers that fit well into family life, or as a new vocation after retiring from completely different lines of work.   Back to top

Our Students

Our programs are specifically designed for self-motivated, mature adults seeking a combination of structure and flexibility. We have a rigorous academic portion of our program, so a high-school diploma or GED is required. You will need solid reading abilities, self-discipline, and good study habits. A background in body-sciences is not necessary, but it will make the course work easier.

Students that make wonderful massage practitioners tend to love working with others, feel safe and comfortable working with strangers, love to work with their hands, and enjoy being in touch with their own bodies. Those with an interest in athletics, health, art, and dance tend to especially enjoy careers in bodywork.

It is helpful to not only be interested in the health of others, but also in your own health, well-being, and personal growth. Many people who are drawn to bodywork are care-givers by nature and often take care of others, forgetting to care for themselves. This tendency to put ourselves last on the list can lead to stress, burn-out, and a short-lived career in massage. Our course spends time exploring the importance of emotionally and energetically refueling yourself so that you can have a long and healthy career.   Back to top

Our Location

Conveniently located in Amesbury, Massachusetts, Solidago is easily accessible from Routes 495, 110, and I-95. Amesbury borders the New Hampshire town of South Hampton and the Massachusetts beach town of Salisbury, just north of Newburyport.

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Upcoming Events

Careers in Massage Seminar - Tuesday, January 11, 7-9pm
What is it like to be a massage therapist? What can I expect from a massage career? This free event includes information on Solidago, answers about careers in massage therapy, and a tour of the school and clinic.

Introduction to Massage Class - Thursday, January 13, 6-9:30pm
This hands-on class will introduce some basic principles of massage. We encourage prospective students to try it out for fun and to get an idea of what learning at Solidago is like. Taught by Solidago alumni Alisa Povenmire, author of the booklet “An Invitation to Massage” and owner of Caring Hands Massage Therapy in Haverhill, MA. Cost: $30

Call to register for both of these events today.  Back to top